Billie Holiday is a number one vocal stylist around the world !


Billie Holiday recorded 215 songs, 239 singing on 78rpm
Billie Holiday recorded 112 songs, 148 singing on LP
Total : Billie Holiday recorded 285 songs, 387 singing on 78rpm and LP.
(include air check and live recording but maybe more in the world)

Original 78rpm and LP INDEX

black : 78rpm
blue : LP : 19YY.MM.DD
LM : lylic / Music (songwriter / composer)

No.Song TitleRec.dateDisc No.LM
1A Fine Romance360929Vocalion 3333JK
2A Fine Romance550823Clef MGC669JK
3A Foggy Day570103Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021
4A Sailboat In The Moonlight370615Vocalion 3605
5A Sunbonnet Blue350702Brunswick 7498
6Ain't Misbehavin'550214Verve MGV8302
7Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own581005BKH50701
8Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do490817Decca 24726
9Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do511001Dale DALP-25
10All Of Me410321Okeh 6214
11All Of Me460603Clef MGC169
12All Of Me590311MGM S/SE 3764
13All Or Nothing At All560818Verve MGV8329
14All The Way590303MGM S/SE 3764
15Always550214Verve MGV8302
16Am I Blue?410509Columbia 37586
17Any Old Time380724Bluebird 7759AS
18April In My Heart381109Brunswick 8265HC
19April in Paris560818Verve MGV8329
20As Time Goes By440401Commodore 7520
21Autumn In New York520401Clef 89108
22Autumn in New York520424Clef MGC161
23Baby Get Lost490817Decca 24726LF
24Baby, I Don't Cry Over You460409Decca 23957
25Baby, Won't You Please Come590311MGM S/SE 3764
26Back In Your Own Backyard380112Vocalion 4029
27Be Fair With Me Baby510428Aladdin 3094
28Big Stuff460313Decca 23463LB
29Billie's Blues460603Clef MGC169
30Billie's Blues490603Phoenix LP8
31Billie's Blues511029Dale DALP-25
32Billie's Blues581005BKH50701
33Billie's Blues (I Love My Man)360710Vocalion 3288
34Billie's Blues (I Love My Man)440118Vdisc 248
35Blue Moon520326Clef 89004
36Blue Turning Grey Over You510429Aladdin 3102FW
37Body And Soul400229Vocalion 5481
38Body And Soul450212Clef MGC169
39Body And Soul561110Verve V8410
40Body And Soul570107Verve MGV8197
41Born To Love370615Vocalion 3605
42But Beautiful580218Columbia CL1157/CS8048
43But Not For Me560107Verve MGV8329
44Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man371101Brunswick 8008JK
45Carelessly370331Brunswick 7867
46Cheek to Cheek5608143Verve MGV8329
47Come Rain or Come Shine550823Clef MGC669
48Comes Love570104Verve MGV8197
49Crazy He Calls Me491019Decca 24796
50Darn That Dream570107Verve MGV8197
51Day in, Day Out570107Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021
52Deed I Do590311MGM S/SE 3764
53Deep Song470213Decca 24138
54Detour Ahead510429Aladdin 3094
55Detour Ahead511001Dale DALP-25
56Did I Remember?360710Vocalion 3276
57Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me440118Vdisc 672DE
58Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me550214Verve MGV8302DE
59Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me560814Verve MGV8329DE
60Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?470208Vdisc 760
61Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?490901ST GOJ10254
62Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?490901ST GOJ1025
63Do Your Duty490908Decca 48259
64Don't Explain450814Decca 23565
65Don't Explain470208Vdisc 771
66Don't Explain561110Verve V8410
67Don't Worry 'bout Me590304MGM S/SE 3764
68Dream Of Life390120Vo.4631CM
69East Of The Sun520326Clef 89005
70Easy Living370601Brunswick 79114
71Easy Living470213Decca 24138
72Easy To Love361021Brunswick 7762CP
73Easy To Love520326Clef 89003CP
74Eeny Meeny Miney Mo351028Brunswick 7554JM
75Embraceable You440401Commodore 7520G
76Embraceable You570109Verve MGV8197G
77Everybody's Laughing381031Brunswick 8259
78Everything Happens For The Best390321Vocalion 4786
79Everything Happens to Me550214Verve MGV8302
80Everything I Have Is Yours520424Clef MGC161
81Everything I Have Is Yours550823Clef MGC713
82Falling In Love Again400229Vocalion 5609
83Farewell To Storyvill490901ST GOJ1025
84Fine And Mellow390420Commodore 526
85Fine And Mellow561110Verve V8410
86Fine And Mellow571205Co. CL1098/CS8040
87Foolin' Myself370601Brunswick 7911
88For All We Know580219Columbia CL1157/CS8048
89For Heaven's Sake580218Columbia CL1157/CS8048
90Forget If You Can380511Vocalion 4151
91Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You460603Clef MGC169
92Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You570109Verve MGV8197
93Georgia On My Mind410321Okeh 6134HC
94Getting Some Fun Out Of Life370913Vocalion 3701
95Ghost Of A Chance550823Clef MGC669
96Ghost Of Yesterday400229Vocalion 5609
97Gimme a Pigfoot And a Bottle of Beer490908Decca 24947
98Girls Were Made to Take Care of Boys481210Decca 24551
99Glad To Be Unhappy580220Columbia CL1157/CS8048
100Gloomy Sunday410807Okeh 6451
101God Bless The Child410509Okeh 6270
102God Bless The Child500308Decca 24972
103God Bless The Child560607Clef MGC721
104God Bless The Child581005BKH50701
105Gone WithThe Wind 550823Clef MGC669
106Good Morning Heartache460122Decca 23676
107Good Morning Heartache560607Clef MGC721
108Good Morning Heartache581005BKH50701
109Guess Who360630Brunswick 7702
110Guilty461227Decca DL8701
111Havin' Myself A Time380623Vocalion 4208
112He Ain't Got Rhythm370125Brunswick 7824
113He's Funny That Way370913Vocalion 3748
114He's Funny That Way461007Clef MGC169
115He's Funny That Way490603Phoenix LP8
116He's Funny That Way511029Dale DALP-25
117He's Funny That Way520727Clef 89089
118Hello My Darling381128Brunswick 8281
119Here It Is Tomorrow Again381031Brunswick 8259
120How Am I To Know440325Commodore 569
121How Could You?370331Brunswick 7867
122How Deep Is The Ocean540414Clef89132IB
123I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me380106Columbia 36335
124I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me380106Brunswick 8070
125I Can't Face The Music520727Clef 89096
126I Can't Get Started370630Columbia C3L40/CL2426-8IG
127I Can't Get Started380915Vocalion 4457IG
128I Can't Give Anything But Love (Baby)361119Brunswick 7781
129I Can't Pretend360929Vocalion 3333
130I Cover The Waterfront410807Columbia 37493
131I Cover The Waterfront440325Commodore 559
132I Cover The Waterfront561110Verve V8410
133I Cried For You360630Brunswick 7729
134I Cried For You490603Phoenix LP8
135I Cried For You540414Clef MGC161
136I Cried For You561110Verve V8410
137I Didn't Know What Time It Was570104Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021
138I Don't Know If I'm Coming Or Going370401Vocalion 3543
139I Don't Want to Cry Anymore550823Clef MGC669
140I Get a Kick out of You550823Clef MGC669
141I Get Along Without You Very well580220Columbia CL1157/CS8048
142I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues390420Commodore 527
143I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues550823Clef MGC713
144I Hadn't Anyone Till You550823Clef MGC713
145I Hear Music400912Okeh 5831
146I Love My Man561110Verve V8410
147I Love My Man (Billie's Blues)440408Commodore 614
148I Love My Man (Billie's Blues)440408Commodore 7519
149I Must Have That Man370125Brunswick 7859
150I Must Have That Man560606Clef MGC721
151I Only Have Eyes For You520326Clef 89002
152I Only Have Eyes For You581005BKH50701
153I Thought About You540903Clef 89150JM
154I Wish I Had You380623Vo.4238
155I Wished On The Moon350702Brunswick 7501
156I Wished On The Moon550214Verve MGV8302
157I Wished On The Moon560103Verve MGV8329
158I'll Be Around580218Columbia CL1157/CS8048
159I'll Be Seeing You440401Commodore 553
160I'll Be Seeing You561110Verve V8410
161I'll Get By440118Vdisc 672
162I'll Get By440325Commodore 553
163I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)370511Brunswick 7903
164I'll Look Around460409Decca 23957
165I'll Never Be The Same370601Brunswick 7926
166I'll Never Fail You381109Brunswick 8265
167I'll Never Smile Again590303MGM S/SE 3764
168I'm A Fool To Want You580219Columbia CL1157/CS8048
169I'm All For You400912Okeh 5831
170I'm Gonna Lock My Heart380623Vocalion 4238
171I'm In A Low-Down Groove410509Okeh 6451
172I'm Painting The Town Red350731Brunswick 7520
173I'm Yours440401Commodore 585
174I've Got A Date With A Dream380915Vocalion 4396
175I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm550214Verve MGV83024
176I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm370112Vocalion 3431
177If Dreams Come True380106Brunswick 8053BG
178If I Were You380511Vocalion 4151
179If My Heart Could Only Talk370112Vocalion 3440
180If The Moon Turns Green520401Clef 89108
181If You Were Mine351028Brunswick 7554JM
182Ill Wind560814Verve MGV8329
183Isn't This a Lovely Day?550823Clef MGC669
184It Ain't Nobody's Business561110Verve V8410
185It Had to Be You550823Clef MGC669
186It's A Sin To Tell A Lie420210Harmony 1075
187It's Easy To Blame The Weather390130Brunswick 8314
188It's Easy To Remember580219Columbia CL1157/CS8048
189It's Like Reaching For The Moon360630Brunswick 7702
190It's Not For Me To Say590303MGM S/SE 3764
191It's The Same Old Story400912Okeh 5806
192It's Too Hot For Words350731Brunswick 7511
193Jim410807Okeh 6369
194Just One More Chance590303MGM S/SE 3764
195Just One Of Those Things570104Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021
196Keeps On Rainin'490829Decca 27145
197Lady Sings the Blues560606Clef MGC721
198Lady Sings the Blues561110Verve V8410
199Lady Sings the Blues570606Verve MGV8234
200Laughing At Life400607Okeh 5719
201Let's Call A Heart A Heart360929Vocalion 3334
202Let's Call The Whole Thing Off370401Vocalion 3520G
203Let's Call The Whole Thing Off570109Verve MGV8197G
204Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)410321Okeh 6134CP
205Let's Dream In The Moonlight381128Brunswick 82834
206Life Begins When You're In Love360130Brunswick 7612
207Long Gone Blues390321Columbia 37586
208Love for Sale520424Clef MGC161
209Love Me Or Leave Me410807Okeh 6369
210Love Me Or Leave Me540903Clef 89150
211Loveless Love401015Ok.6064WC
212Lover Come Back To Me440408Commodore 559
213Lover Come Back To Me511001Dale DALP-25
214Lover Come Back To Me520727Clef 89037
215Lover Come Back To Me570606Verve MGV8234
216Lover Come Back To Me581005BKH50701
217Lover Man441004Decca 23391
218Me, Myself And I370615Vocalion 3593
219Mean To Me370511Brunswick 7903
220Miss Brown To You350702Brunswick 7501
221Miss Brown To You511001Dale DALP-25
222Moanin' Low370331Brunswick 7877
223Monday Is Two420210Columbia CL6163
224Moonglow520424Clef MGC161
225Moonlight in Vermont570103Verve MGV8197
226More Than You Know390130Brunswick 8319
227My First Impression Of You380106Brunswick 8053
228My Last Affair370218Brunswick 7840
229My Man561110Verve V8410
230My Man570606Verve MGV8234
231My Man (Mon Homme)371101Brunswick 8008
232My Man (Mon Homme)481210Decca 24638
233My Man (Mon Homme)520727Clef 89089
234My Old Flame440325Commodore 585
235My Sweet Hunk of Trash490930Decca 24785JP
236Nice Work If You Can Get It371101Brunswick 8015G
237Nice Work If You Can Get It550823Clef MGC713G
238Nice Work If You Can Get It570606Verve MGV8234G
239Night And Day391212Vocalion 5377CP
240No Good Man460122Decca 23676
241No Good Man560607Clef MGC721
242No More441004Decca 23483
243No Regrets360710Vocalion 3276
244Now Or Never490930Decca 24947
245Now They Call It Swing3801123Vocalion 3947
246On The Sentimental Side380112Vocalion 3947
247On The Sunny Side Of The Street440408Commodore 614
248One For My Baby570108Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021
249One Never Knows, Does One?370112Vocalion 3431
250One, Two, Button Your Shoe360929Vocalion 3334
251Our Love Is Different390705Vo.5129
252Our Love Is Here to Stay560108Verve MGV8329
253P.S. I Love You580903Verve VE-2-2515
254Pennies From Heaven361119Brunswick 7789
255Please Don't Talk About Me550823Clef MGC713
256Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone561110Verve V8410
257Please Keep Me In Your Dreams370112Vocalion 3440
258Please Tell Me Now491019Decca 24857
259Porgy481210Decca 24638IG
260Practice Makes Perfect400912Okeh 5806
261Prelude To A Kiss550823Clef MGC713
262Remember520401Clef 89096IB
263Riffin' The Scotch331127Columbia 2867DJM
264Rocky Mountain Blues510429Aladdin 3102
265Romance In The Dark410321Okeh 6214
266Say It Isn't So550214Verve MGV8302
267Say It Isn't So560108Verve MGV8329
268Say It With A Kiss381109Br.8270JM
269Says My Heart380623Vocalion 4208
270Sentimental And Melancholy370218Brunswick 7844jK
271She's Funny That Way440408Commodore 569
272Softly590903Verve VE-2-2515
273Solitude410509Okeh 6270DE
274Solitude470213Decca 23853DE
275Solitude520326Clef 89005DE
276Some Other Spring390705Vocalion 5021
277Some Other Spring560606Clef MGC721
278Somebody's On My Mind491019Decca 24857
279Sometimes I'm Happy590304MGM S/SE 3764
280Sophisticated Lady560818Verve MGV8329
281Speak Low560814Verve MGV8329
282Spreadin' Rhythm Around351203Brunswick 7581
283St. Louis Blues401015Okeh 6064WC
284Stars Fell on Alabama570108Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021
285Stormy Blues540903Clef 89141
286Stormy Weather520727Clef 89064
287Strange Fruit390420Commodore 526LA
288Strange Fruit450212Clef MGC169LA
289Strange Fruit560607Clef MGC721LA
290Sugar390130Brunswick 8319
291Summertime360710Vocalion 3288GG
292Sun Showers370511Brunswick 7917
293Swing, Brother Swing370630Columbia C3L40/CL2426-8
294Swing, Brother Swing390705Vocalion 5129
295Tell Me More And More400607Okeh 5719
296Tenderly520401Clef 89064
297That Ole Devil Called Love441108Decca 23391
298That's All I Ask Of You390120Vocalion 4631
299That's Life I Guess361119Brunswick 7789
300The Blues Are Brewin'461227Decca 48259
301The Blues Are Brewin'490901ST GOJ1025
302The End Of A Love Affair580220Columbia CL1157/CS8048
303The Man I Love391212Vocalion 5377G
304The Man I Love460603Clef MGC169G
305The Mood That I'm In370218Brunswick 7844
306The Moon Looks Down And Laughs380511Vocalion 4126
307The Very Thought Of You380915Vocalion 4457
308The Way You Look Tonight361021Brunswick 7762JK
309Them Their Eyes511001Dale DALP-254
310Them Their Eyes390705Vocalion 5021
311Them Their Eyes490829Decca 27145
312Them Their Eyes581005BKH50701
313There Is No Greater Love470213Decca 23853
314There'll Be Some Changes590311MGM S/SE 3764
315These 'n' That 'n' Those351203Brunswick 7577
316These Foolish Things360630Brunswick 7699
317These Foolish Things520326Clef 89002
318They Can't Take That Away From Me370401Vocalion 3520G
319They Can't Take That Away From Me370630Columbia C3L40/CL2426-8G
320They Can't Take That Away From Me570109Verve MGV8197G
321They Say381109Brunswick 8270
322Things Are Looking Up371101Brunswick 8015G
323This Is Heaven To Me500308Decca 24972
324This Year's Kisses370125Brunswick 7824IB
325Time On My Hands400607Okeh 5991
326Too Marvelous For Words540903Clef MGC721
327Trav'lin' All Alone370913Vocalion 3748
328Trav'lin' Light420612Capitol 116JM
329Trav'lin' Light461007Clef MGC169JM
330Trav'lin' Light560606Clef MGC721JM
331Trav'lin' Lights581005BKH50701JM
332Twenty-Four Hours A Day351028Brunswick 7550
333Under A Blue Jungle Moon390321Vocalion 4786
334Until The Real Thing Comes Along420210Columbia 37493
335Violets For Your Furs580220Columbia CL1157/CS8048
336We'll Be Together Again560818Verve MGV8329
337Weep No More481210De.24551
338What A Little Moonlight Can Do350702Brunswick 7498
339What A Little Moonlight Can Do540414Clef 89132
340What A Little Moonlight Can Do561110Verve V8410
341What A Little Moonlight Can Do570606Verve MGV8234
342What A Little Moonlight Can Do581005BKH50701
343What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl350731Brunswick 7511
344What Is This Thing Called Love?450814Decca 23565CP
345What Shall I Say?390130Brunswick 8314
346What's New?550823Clef MGC713
347When A Woman Loves A Man380112Vocalion 4029JM
348When It's Sleepy Time Down590304MGM S/SE 3764
349When You're Smiling380106Brunswick 8070
350When You're Smiling380106Columbia 36208
351When Your Lover Has Gone550823Clef MGC713
352When Your Lover Has Gone581005BKH50701
353Where Is The Sun?370401Vocalion 3543
354Wherever You Are4202103Harmony 1075
355Who Loves You?361028Brunswick 7768
356Who Wants Love?370913Vocalion 3701
357Why Did I Always Depend On You?390321Vocalion 4834
358Why Was I Born?370125Brunswick 7859JK
359Willow Weep For Me540903Clef 89141
360Willow Weep For Me570606Verve MGV8234
361Willow Weep For Me581005BKH50701
362With Thee I Swing361021Brunswick 7768
363Without Your Love370615Vocalion 3593
364Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town351028Brunswick 7550
365Yesterdays390420Commodore 5274JK
366Yesterdays520727Clef 89037JK
367Yesterdays561110Verve V8410JK
368You Better Go Now450814Decca 23483IG
369You Can't Be Mine380915Vocalion 4396
370You Can't Lose A Broken Heart490930Decca 24785
371You Don't Know What Love Is580218Columbia CL1157/CS8048
372You Go To My Head380511Vocalion 4126
373You Go To My Head520326Clef 89004
374You Let Me Down351203Brunswick 7581
375You Showed Me The Way370218Brunswick 7840
376You Took Advantage of Me590304MGM S/SE 3764
377You Turned The Tables On Me520326Clef 89003
378You're A Lucky Guy391213Vocalion 5302
379You're Driving Me Crazy511001Dale DALP-25
380You're Gonna See A Lot Of Me381128Brunswick 8281
381You're Just A No Account391213Vocalion 5302
382You're My Thrill491019Decca 247964
383You're So Desirable381128Brunswick 8283
384You're Too Lovely To Last390321Vocalion 4834
385You've Changed580220Columbia CL1157/CS8048
386Your Mother’s Son-In-Law331127Columbia 2856D
387Yours And Mine370511Brunswick 7917

Original 78rpm INDEX

No.TITLEMX.No.Rec.dateDisc No.LM
1A Fine Romance19971-1360929Vo.3333JK
4A Sailboat In The Moonlight21250-1370615Vo.3605
5A Sunbonnet BlueB17769-1350702Br.7498
8Ain't Nobody's Business If I DoW75147-A490817De.24726
10All Of Me29990-1410321Ok.6214
16Am I Blue?30459-1410509Co.37586
17Any Old TimeOA24083-1380724B.7759AS
18April In My HeartB23688-1381109Br.8265HC
20As Time Goes ByA4753-1440401Com.7520
21Autumn In New YorkYBC790-75204??Cl.89108
23Baby Get LostW75148-A490817De.24726LF
24Baby, I Don't Cry Over YouW73497-A460409De.23957
26Back In Your Own Backyard22283-1380112Vo.4029
27Be Fair With Me BabyWOR1681510428Al.3094
28Big StuffW73440-A460313De.23463LB
33Billie's Blues (I Love My Man)19538-2360710Vo.3288
34Billie's Blues (I Love My Man)V-disc 248440118V.248
35Blue MoonYBC765-1520326Cl.89004
36Blue Turning Grey Over YouWOR1683510429Al.3102FW
37Body And SoulW26573-A400229Vo.5481
41Born To Love21251-1370615Vo.3605
44Can't Help Lovin' Dat ManB21985-1371101Br.8008JK
49Crazy He Calls MeW75422-A491019De.24796
53Deep SongW73792-A470213De.24138
54Detour AheadWOR1684510429Al.3094
56Did I Remember?19535-1360710Vo.3276
158Do Nothin' Till You Hear From MeV-disc 672440118V.672
57Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?V-disc 760470208V.760
63Do Your DutyW75241-A490908De.48259
64Don't ExplainW73006-A450814De.23565
65Don't ExplainV-disc 7714702084V.771
68Dream Of Life23993-1390120Vo.4631CM
69East Of The SunYBC764-3520326Cl.89005
70Easy LivingB21218-2370601Br.7911
71Easy LivingW73794-A470213De.24138
72Easy To LoveB20105-1361021Br.7762CP
73Easy To LoveYBC768-1520326Cl.89003CP
74Eeny Meeny Miney MoB18199-1351028Br.7554JM
75Embraceable YouA4752-2440401Com.7520G
77Everybody's LaughingB23642-1381031Br.8259
78Everything Happens For The BestW24247-1390321Vo.4786
84Fine And MellowWP24405-A390420Com.526
87Foolin' MyselfB21217-1370601Br.7911
90Forget If You Can22924-2380511Vo.4151
93Georgia On My Mind29988-1410321Ok.6134HC
94Getting Some Fun Out Of Life21686-1370913Vo.3701
96Ghost of YesterdayW26572-A400229Vo.5609
97Gimme a Pigfoot And a Bottle of BeerW75242-A490908De.24947
98Girls Were Made to Take Care of BoysW74651-A481210De.24551
100Gloomy Sunday31005-1410807Ok.6451
101God Bless The Child30458-1410509Ok.6270
102God Bless The ChildL-5416500308De.24972
106Good Morning HeartacheW73300-A460122De.23676
109Guess WhoB19499-2360630Br.7702
111Havin' Myself A Time23151-1380623Vo.4208
112He Ain't Got RhythmB20568-1370125Br.7824
113He's Funny That Way21689-1370913Vo.3748
117He's Funny That WayYBC843-1520727Cl.89089
118Hello My DarlingB23762-1381128Br.8281
119Here It Is Tomorrow AgainB23643-1381031Br.8259
120How Am I To KnowA4742-3440325Com.569
121How Could You?B20912-1370331Br.7867
122How Deep Is The OceanYBC1567-1540414Clef89132IB
123I Can't Believe That You're In Love With MeB22195-3380106Co.36335
124I Can't Believe That You're In Love With MeB22195-4380106Br.8070
125I Can't Face The MusicYBC844-3520727Cl.89096
127I Can't Get Started23468-1380915Vo.4457IG
128I Can't Give Anything But Love (Baby)B20293-1361119Br.7781
129I Can't Pretend19972-1360929Vo.3333
130I Cover The Waterfront31003-1410807Co.37493
131I Cover The WaterfrontA4745-2440325Com.559
133I Cried For YouB19498-2360630Br.77295
138I Don't Know If I'm Coming Or Going20921-1370401Vo.3543
142I Gotta Right To Sing The BluesWP24406-B390420Com.527
145I Hear Music28618-1400912Ok.5831
147I Love My Man (Billie's Blues)A4756-2440408Com.614
148I Love My Man (Billie's Blues)A4756-3440408Com.7519
149I Must Have That ManB20571-1370125Br.7859
151I Only Have Eyes For YouYBC770-3520326Cl.89002
153I Thought About YouYBC1935-3540903Clef89150JM
154I Wish I Had You23153-2380623Vo.4238
155I Wished On The MoonB17766-1350702Br.7501
159I'll Be Seeing YouA4750-1440401Com.553
161I'll Get ByV-disc 672440118V.672
162I'll Get ByA4744-1440325Com.553
163I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)B21119-1370511Br.7903
164I'll Look AroundW73498-A460409De.23957
165I'll Never Be The SameB21219-2370601Br.7926
166I'll Never Fail YouB23689-1381109Br.8265
169I'm All For You28617-1400912Ok.5831
170I'm Gonna Lock My Heart23154-1380623Vo.4238
172I'm Painting The Town RedB17914-1350731Br.7520
173I'm YoursA4751-1440401Com.585
174I've Got A Date With A Dream23469-2380915Vo.4396
176I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm20507-2370112Vo.3431
177If Dreams Come TrueB22255-1380106Br.8053BG
178If I Were You22923-2380511Vo.4151
179If My Heart Could Only Talk20508-1370112Vo.3440
180If The Moon Turns GreenYBC788-25204??Cl.89108
181If You Were MineB18209-1351028Br.7554JM
186It's A Sin To Tell A Lie32407-1420210Har.1075
187It's Easy To Blame The WeatherB24045-1390130Br.83145
189It's Like Reaching For The MoonB19495-2360630Br.7702
191It's The Same Old Story28619-1400912Ok.5806
192It's Too Hot For WordsB17915-1350731Br.7511
196Keeps On Rainin'W75203-A490829De.27145
200Laughing At LifeW26902-A400607Ok.5719
201Let's Call A Heart A Heart19974-2360929Vo.3334
202Let's Call The Whole Thing Off20919-1370401Vo.3520G
204Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)29987-1410321Ok.6134CP
205Let's Dream In The MoonlightB23763-2381128Br.8283
206Life Begins When You're In LoveB18613360130Br.7612
207Long Gone BluesW24249-1390321Co.37586
209Love Me Or Leave Me31004-1410807Ok.6369
210Love Me Or Leave MeYBC1930-2540903Clef89150
211Loveless Love28875-1401015Ok.6064WC
212Lover Come Back To MeA4755-2440408Com.559
214Lover Come Back To MeYBC840-4520727Cl.89037
217Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)72404-A441004De.23391
218Me, Myself And I21249-2370615Vo.3593
219Mean To MeB21120-1370511Br.7903
220Miss Brown To YouB17768-1350702Br.7501
222Moanin' LowB20913-1370331Br.7877
226More Than You KnowB24046-1390130Br.8319
227My First Impression Of YouB22192-4380106Br.8053
228My Last AffairB20701-1370218Br.7840
231My Man (Mon Homme)B21984-1371101Br.8008
232My Man (Mon Homme)W74653-A481210De.24638
233My Man (Mon Homme)YBC839-2520727Cl.89089
234My Old FlameA4743-1440325Com.585
235My Sweet Hunk of TrashW75343-A490930De.24785JP
236Nice Work If You Can Get ItB21982-1371101Br.8015G
239Night And DayW26341-A391212Vo.5377CP
240No Good ManW73300-A460122De.23676
242No More72405-A441004De.23483
243No Regrets19536-1360710Vo.3276
244Now Or NeverW75344-A490930De.24947
245Now They Call It Swing22281-2380112Vo.3947
246On The Sentimental Side22282-2380112Vo.3947
247On The Sunny Side Of The StreetA4757-1440408Com.614
249One Never Knows, Does One?20506-1370112Vo.3431
250One, Two, Button Your Shoe19973-1360929Vo.3334
251Our Love Is DifferentW24878-A390705Vo.5129
254Pennies From HeavenB20290-1361119Br.7789
257Please Keep Me In Your Dreams20509-2370112Vo.3440
258Please Tell Me NowW75423-A491019De.24857
260Practice Makes Perfect28620-1400912Ok.5806
263Riffin' The ScotchW152650-23311272867DJM
264Rocky Mountain BluesWOR1682510429Al.3102
265Romance In The Dark29989-1410321Ok.6214
268Say It With A KissB23687-1381109Br.8270JM
269Says My Heart23152-1380623Vo.4208
270Sentimental And MelancholyB20700-2370218Br.7844JK
271She's Funny That WayA4754-2440408Com.569
276Some Other SpringW24877-A390705Vo.5021
278Somebody's On My MindW75424-A491019De.24857
282Spreadin' Rhythm AroundB18319-1351203Br.7581
283St. Louis Blues28874-1401015Ok.6064WC
285Stormy BluesYBC1938-3540903Cl.89141
286Stormy WeatherYBC841-1520727Cl.89064
287Strange FruitWP24403-B390420Com.526LA
290Sugar (That sugar baby o'mine)B24047-1390130Br.8319
292Sun ShowersB21117-2370511Br.7917
294Swing, Brother, SwingW24880-A390705Vo.5129
295Tell Me More And MoreW26901-A400607Ok.5719
297That Ole Devil Called Love72497-A441108De.23391
298That's All I Ask Of You23992-1390120Vo.4631
299That's Life I GuessB20291-1361119Br.7789
300The Blues Are Brewin'W73767-A461227De.48259
303The Man I LoveW26342-A391212Vo.5377G
305The Mood That I'm InB20698-2370218Br.7844
306The Moon Looks Down And Laughs22922-1380511Vo.4126
307The Very Thought Of You23467-1380915Vo.4457
308The Way You Look TonightB20107-1361021Br.7762JK
310Them There EyesW24879-A390705Vo.5021
311Them There EyesW75204-A490829De.27145
313There Is No Greater LoveW73793-A470213De.23853
315These 'n' That 'n' ThoseB18316-1351203Br.7577
316These Foolish ThingsB19496-2360630Br.7699
317These Foolish ThingsYBC769-3520326Cl.89002
318They Can't Take That Away From Me20920-1370401Vo.3520G
321They SayB23690-1381109Br.8270
322Things Are Looking UpB21983-1371101Br.8015G
323This Is Heaven To MeL-5417500308De.24972
324This Year's KissesB20569-2370125Br.7824IB
325Time On My HandsW26903-A400607Ok.5991
327Trav'lin' All Alone21688-1370913Vo.3748
328Trav'lin' LightCAP-30-A420612Ca.116JM
332Twenty-Four Hours A DayB18196-1351028Br.7550
333Under A Blue Jungle MoonW24246-1390321Vo.4786
334Until The Real Thing Comes Along32408-1420210Co.37493
337Weep No MoreW74650-A481210De.24551
338What A Little Moonlight Can DoB17767-1350702Br.7498
339What A Little Moonlight Can DoYBC1568-1540414Clef89132
343What A Night, What A Moon, What A GirlB17913-1350731Br.7511
344What Is This Thing Called Love?W73009-A450814De.23565CP
345What Shall I Say?B24044-1390130Br.8314
347When A Woman Loves A Man22284-2380112Vo.4029JM
349When You're SmilingB22194-3380106Br.8070
350When You're SmilingB22194-4380106Co.36208
353Where Is The Sun?20918-1370401Vo.3543
354Wherever You Are32405-1420210Har.1075
355Who Loves You?B20142-1361028Br.7768
356Who Wants Love?21687-1370913Vo.3701
357Why Did I Always Depend On You?W24248-1390321Vo.4834
358Why Was I Born?B20570-1370125Br.7859JK
359Willow Weep For MeYBC1937-1540903Cl.89141
362With Thee I SwingB20106-2361021Br.7768
363Without Your Love21252-1370615Vo.3593
364Yankee Doodle Never Went To TownB18197-1351028Br.7550
368You Better Go NowW73008-A450814De.23483IG
369You Can't Be Mine23470-1380915Vo.4396
370You Can't Lose A Broken HeartW75342-A490930De.24785
372You Go To My Head22921-1380511Vo.4126
373You Go To My HeadYBC764-3520326Cl.89004
374You Let Me DownB18318-1351203Br.7581
375You Showed Me The WayB20698-2370218Br.7840
377You Turned The Tables On MeYBC767-5520326Cl.89003
378You're A Lucky GuyW26344-1391213Vo.5302
380You're Gonna See A Lot Of MeB23761-1381128Br.8281
381You're Just A No AccountW26343-A391213Vo.5302
382You're My ThrillW75421-A491019491019
383You're So DesirableB23760-1381128Br.8283
384You're Too Lovely To LastW24245-1390321Vo.4834
386Your Mother’s Son-In-LawW152568-33311272856D
387Yours And MineB21118-2370511Br.7917

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○ : Billie Holiday Lyric or Music
AS : Artie Shaw
BG : Benny Goodman
CM : Carmen McRae
CP : Cole Porter
DE : Duke Ellington
FW : Fats Waller
G : Ira and George Gershwin
GG : George Gershwin
IG : Ira Gershwin
HC : Hoagy Carmichael
IB : Irving Berlin
LA : Lewis Allen
LB : Leonard Bernstein
LF : Leonard Feather
JK : Jerome Kern
JM : Johnny Mercer
JP : James P. Johnson
WC : W.C. Handy

Original LP INDEX

No.TitleRec.dateMx.No.Disc No.Disc TitleInch
2A Fine Romance550823YBC2449-8Clef MGC669Music for Torching12
3A Foggy Day57010320500-6Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021Songs For Distingue Lovers12
6Ain't Misbehavin'550214YBC2280-2Verve MGV8302Stay with Me12
7Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
9Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do511001Storyville Club BostonDale DALP-25and Stan Getz10
11All Of Me460603Carnegie Hall NYCClef MGC169at Jazz At The Philharmonic10
12All Of You59031159XY457-1MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
13All Or Nothing at All560818YBC2930-3Verve MGV8329All Or Nothing At All12
14All the Way59030359XY435-1MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
15Always550214YBC2277-3Verve MGV8302Stay with Me12
19April in Paris560818YBC2932-6Verve MGV8329All Or Nothing At All12
22Autumn in New York520424YBC790-1Clef MGC161Billie Holiday10
25Baby, Won't You Please Come59031159XY458-MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
29Billie's Blues460603Carnegie Hall NYCClef MGC169at Jazz At The Philharmonic10
30Billie's Blues490603NYC Radio Air CheckPhoenix LP8In Concert12
31Billie's Blues511029Storyville Club BostonDale DALP-25and Stan Getz10
32Billie's Blues581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
38Body And Soul450212Phil. Auditorium LAClef MGC169at Jazz At The Philharmonic10
39Body And Soul561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
40Body And Soul57010720507-1Verve MGV8197Body and Soul12
42But Beautiful580218CO60463-2Co.CL1157/CS8048 Lady In Satin12
43But Not for Me56010720506-7Verve MGV8329 All Or Nothing At All12
46Cheek to Cheek560814YBC2915-5Verve MGV8329 All Or Nothing At All12
47Come Rain or Come Shine550823YBC2446-3Clef MGC669 Music for Torching12
48Comes Love57010420503-4Verve MGV8197 Body and Soul12
50Darn That Dream57010720505-3Verve MGV8197 Body and Soul12
51Day in, Day Out57010720504-1Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021 Songs For Distingue Lovers12
52Deed I Do59031159XY456-1MGM S/SE 3764 Billie Holiday12
55Detour Ahead511001Storyville Club BostonDale DALP-25 and Stan Getz10
58Do Nothin'Till You Hear From Me550214 YBC2276-2Verve MGV8302 Stay with Me12 
59Do Nothin'Till You Hear From Me560814YBC2914-3Verve MGV8329 All Or Nothing At All12
61Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?490901Los AngelesST GOJ1025 Movie Sound Track12 
62Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?490901Los AngelesST GOJ1025 Sound Track with Satchmo12
66Don't Explain561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410 Carnegie Hall Concert12
67Don't Worry 'bout Me59030459XY440-4MGM S/SE 3764 Billie Holiday12
76Embraceable You57010920566-1項Verve MGV8197 Body and Soul12
79Everything Happens to Me550214YBC2278-2Verve MGV8302 Stay with Me12
80Everything I Have Is Yours520424YBC784-1Clef MGC161 Billie Holiday10
81Everything I Have Is Yours550823YBC2452-2Clef MGC713 Velvet Mood12
83Farewell To Storyvill490901Los AngelesST GOJ1025 Sound Track with Satchmo12
85Fine And Mellow561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410 Carnegie Hall Concert12
86Fine And Mellow571205Los AngelesCo. CL1098/CS8040 The Sound Of Jazz12
88For All We Know580219CO60464-5Co.CL1157/CS8048 Lady In Satin12
89For Heaven's Sake580218CO60462-2Co.CL1157/CS8048 Lady In Satin12
91Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You460603Carnegie Hall NYCClef MGC169at Jazz At The Philharmonic10
92Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You57010920565-3Verve MGV8197Body and Soul12
95Ghost Of A Chance550823YBC2440-1Clef MGC669Music for Torching12
99Glad To Be Unhappy580220CO60468-10Co.CL1157/CS8048Lady In Satin12
103God Bless the Child560607YBC2856-1Clef MGClady sings the blues12
104God Bless the Child581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
105Gone With The Wind550823YBC2442-4Clef MGC669Music for Torching12
107Good Morning Heartache560607YBC2857-8Clef MGClady sings the blues12
108Good Morning Heartache581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
110Guilty461227W73768Decca DL8701The Blues are Brewin'12
114He's Funny That Way461007Shrine Auditorium LAClef MGC169at Jazz At The Philharmonic10
115He's Funny That Way490603NYC Radio Air CheckPhoenix LP8In Concert12
116He's Funny That Way511029Storyville Club BostonDale DALP-25and Stan Getz10
126I Can't Get Started370630Savoy Air CheckCo. C3L40/CL2426-8Golden Years Vol.II12
132I Cover The Waterfront561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
134I Cried For You490603NYC Radio Air CheckPhoenix LP8In Concert12
135I Cried For You540414YBC1569-1Clef MGC161Billie Holiday10
136I Cried For You561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
137I Didn't Know What Time It Was57010420501-2Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021 Songs For Distingue Lovers12
139I Don't Want to Cry Anymore550823YBC2438-2Clef MGC669 Music for Torching12
140I Get a Kick out of You550823YBC2451-3Clef MGC669 Music for Torching12
141I Get Along Without You Very well580220CO60467-7Co.CL1157/CS8048 Lady In Satin12
143I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues550823YBC2447-1Clef MGC713 Velvet Mood12
144I Hadn't Anyone Till You550823YBC2450-1Clef MGC713 Velvet Mood12
146I Love My Man561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410 Carnegie Hall Concert12
150I Must Have That Man560606YBC2851-3Clef MGC lady sings the blues12
152I Only Have Eyes For You581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701 at Montrey12
156I Wished on the Moon550214YBC2279-4Verve MGV8302Stay with Me12
157I Wished on the Moon56010320498-4Verve MGV8329All Or Nothing At All12
158I'll Be Around580218CO 60461-6Co.CL1157/CS8048Lady In Satin12
160I'll Be Seeing You561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
167I'll Never Smile Again59030359XY437-1MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
168I'm A Fool To Want You580219CO60466-2/3Co.CL1157/CS8048Lady In Satin12
175I've Got My Love to Keep Me550214YBC2275-5Verve MGV8302Stay with Me12
182Ill Wind560814YBC2916-4Verve MGV8329All Or Nothing At All12
183Isn't This a Lovely Day?550823YBC2453-3Clef MGC669Music for Torching12
184It Ain't Nobody's Business561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
185It Had to Be You550823YBC2444-1Clef MGC669Music for Torching12
188It's Easy To Remember580219CO60465-9Co.CL1157/CS8048Lady In Satin12
190It's Not for Me to Say59030359XY436-1MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
194Just One More Chance59030359XY438-1MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
195Just One Of Those Things57010420502-8Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021Songs For Distingue Lovers12
197Lady Sings the Blues560606YBC2854-4Clef MGClady sings the blues12
198Lady Sings the Blues561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
199Lady Sings the Blues570606Newport Jazz FestivalVerve MGV8234at Newport12
203Let's Call the Whole Thing Off57010920567-4Verve MGV8197Body and Soul12
208Love for Sale520424YBC785-1Clef MGC161Billie Holiday10
213Lover Come Back To Me511001Storyville Club BostonDale DALP-25and Stan Getz10
215Lover Come Back To Me570606Newport Jazz FestivalVerve MGV8234at Newport12
216Lover Come Back To Me581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
221Miss Brown To You511001Storyville Club BostonDale DALP-25and Stan Getz10
223Monday Is Two42021032406-1Co. CL6163Billie Holiday Favorits10
224Moonglow520424YBC786-4Clef MGC161Billie Holiday10
225Moonlight in Vermont57010320499-1Verve MGV8197Body and Soul12
229My Man561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
230My Man570606Newport Jazz FestivalVerve MGV8234at Newport12
237Nice Work If You Can Get It550823YBC2445-5Clef MGC713Velvet Mood12
238Nice Work If You Can Get It570606Newport Jazz FestivalVerve MGV8234at Newport12
241No Good Man560607YBC2858-1Clef MGC721lady sings the blues12
248One For My Baby57010820564-3Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021Songs For Distingue Lovers12
252Our Love Is Here to Stay56010820563-2Verve MGV8329All Or Nothing At All12
253P.S. I Love You5809031931-4Verve VE-2-2515Stormy Blues12
255Please Don't Talk About Me550823YBC2443-2Clef MGC713Velvet Mood12
256Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
261Prelude To A Kiss550823YBC2439-2Clef MGC713Velvet Mood12
266Say It Isn't So550214YBC2281Verve MGV8302Stay with Me12
267Say It Isn't So56010820562-2Verve MGV8329All Or Nothing At All12
272Softly5909031933-7Verve VE-2-2515Stormy Blues12
277Some Other Spring560606YBC2852-1Clef MGC721lady sings the blues12
279Sometimes I'm Happy59030459XY441-1MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
280Sophisticated Lady560818YBC2931-6Verve MGV8329All Or Nothing At All12
281Speak Low560814YBC2917-8Verve MGV8329All Or Nothing At All12
284Stars Fell on Alabama57010820561-2Verve MGV8257/MGVS6021Songs For Distingue Lovers12
288Strange Fruit450212Phil. Auditorium LAClef MGC169at Jazz At The Philharmonic12
289Strange Fruit560607YBC2855-2Clef MGC721lady sings the blues12
293Swing, Brother Swing370630Savoy Air CheckColumbia C3L40/CL2426-8Golden Years Vol.II12
301The Blues Are Brewin'490901Los AngelesST GOJ1025Sound Track with Satchmo12
302The End Of A Love Affair580220CO60470-1Columbia CL1157/CS8048Lady In Satin12
304The Man I Love460603Carnegie Hall NYCClef MGC169at Jazz At The Philharmonic12
309Them Their Eyes511001Storyville Club BostonDale DALP-25and Stan Getz10
312Them There Eyes581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
314There'll Be Some Changes590311359XY455-1MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
319They Can't Take That Away From Me370630Savoy Air CheckColumbia C3L40/CL2426-8Golden Years Vol.II12
320They Can't Take That Away From Me57010920568-6Verve MGV8197Body and Soul12
326Too Marvelous For Words540903YBC1932-6Clef MGC721lady sings the blues12
329Trav'lin' Light461007Shrine Auditorium LAClef MGC169at Jazz At The Philharmonic10
330Trav'lin' Light560606YBC2850-5Clef MGC721lady sings the blues12
331Trav'lin' Lights581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
335Violets For Your Furs580220CO60471-7Columbia CL1157/CS8048Lady In Satin12
336We'll Be Together Again560818YBC2929-4Verve MGV8329All Or Nothing At All12
340What A Little Moonlight Can Do5611103Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
341What A Little Moonlight Can Do570606Newport Jazz FestivalVerve MGV8234at Newport12
342What A Little Moonlight Can Do581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
346What's New?550823YBC2448-3Clef MGC713Velvet Mood12
348When It's Sleepy Time Down59030459XY439-1MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
351When Your Lover Has Gone550823YBC2441-3Clef MGC713Velvet Mood12
352When Your Lover Has Gone581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
360Willow Weep For Me570606Newport Jazz FestivalVerve MGV8234at Newport12
361Willow Weep For Me581005Monterey Jazz FestivalBKH50701at Montrey12
367Yesterdays561110Carnegie HallVerve V8410Carnegie Hall Concert12
371You Don't Know What Love Is580218CO60460-4Columbia CL1157/CS8048Lady In Satin12
376You Took Advantage of Me59030459XY442-1MGM S/SE 3764Billie Holiday12
379You're Driving Me Crazy511001Storyville Club BostonDale DALP-25and Stan Getz10
385You've Changed580220CO60469-4Columbia CL1157/CS8048Lady In Satin12

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